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Song Artist Duration Size
first day of my life (feat. Goody Grace) gnash 03:09 6.45 MB
rumours (feat. Mark Johns) gnash 02:31 5.14 MB
get well soon (feat. Liphemra) gnash 03:19 6.78 MB
fragile (feat. wrenn) gnash 03:05 6.26 MB
rip (feat. Quiñ & Buddy) gnash 03:35 7.15 MB
i hate u, i love u (feat. Olivia O'Brien) gnash 04:11 8.37 MB
u just can't be replaced (feat. rosabeales) gnash 03:26 6.95 MB
The album gnash - us contains 7 tracks that accumulates 00:23:16 minutes or 47.10 MB
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A short description:
With understated, lowercase intimacy, L.A. singer/songwriter gnash’s seven-song EP is a celebration of love and collaboration. Every track on us features a guest vocalist, often a female duet partner for gnash’s warm ballads, though even Compton rapper Buddy gets sentimental on “rip.” An acoustic cover of Bright Eyes’ “first day of my life” sets the confessional tone for the originals. Gently thumping beats lend subtle bite to his skeletal arrangements, and the darker, piano-driven “i hate u, i love u” brings depth and grit to gnash’s meditations on relationships.