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Song Artist Duration Size
Song Cries and Amens Grace 01:33 3.44 MB
New Orleans Grace 03:39 7.18 MB
You Don't Own Me (feat. G-Eazy) Grace 03:21 7.08 MB
Boyfriend Jeans (Remix) Grace 03:44 7.55 MB
Boys Boys Boys Grace 03:53 7.77 MB
Church on Sunday Grace 03:42 7.51 MB
Say Grace 03:25 6.91 MB
Crazy over Here (feat. Parker) Grace 04:01 8.13 MB
Coffee Grace 03:45 7.83 MB
Hope You Understand Grace 03:49 7.72 MB
Hell of a Girl Grace 03:28 6.99 MB
Feel Your Love Grace 03:03 6.27 MB
From You Grace 03:35 7.17 MB
How to Love Me Grace 03:31 7.05 MB
The album Grace - FMA contains 14 tracks that accumulates 00:48:29 minutes or 98.61 MB
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A short description:
A rising soul star swings for the fences. The debut album from Australian powerhouse Grace Sewell is a confident package of ballads that toggle between pleading love songs (“Coffee,” “Feel Your Love”) and reckonings of independence ("Hell of a Girl,” “You Don’t Own Me,”). The latter is a cover of Lesley Gore’s 1963 feminist anthem, and, like the original, was produced by the legendary Quincy Jones. It's a challenge that would intimidate most young artists, but Sewell, who has the swagger of Amy Winehouse and the muscle of Etta James, rises to the task.