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Song Artist Duration Size
It's Electric Metallica 03:33 7.28 MB
Blitzkrieg Metallica 03:36 7.60 MB
Killing Time Metallica 03:03 6.85 MB
Loverman Metallica 07:52 15.45 MB
Damage Case Metallica 03:40 7.57 MB
Astronomy Metallica 06:37 13.84 MB
The More I See Metallica 04:48 9.93 MB
Stone Cold Crazy Metallica 02:17 5.05 MB
The Wait Metallica 04:55 10.61 MB
The Small Hours Metallica 06:43 14.50 MB
Sabbra Cadabra Metallica 06:20 12.50 MB
Stone Dead Forever Metallica 04:52 9.75 MB
Free Speech for the Dumb Metallica 02:35 5.97 MB
So What Metallica 03:08 6.81 MB
The Prince Metallica 04:25 9.29 MB
Whiskey In the Jar Metallica 05:04 10.25 MB
Turn the Page Metallica 06:06 12.41 MB
Breadfan Metallica 05:41 11.60 MB
Overkill Metallica 04:04 8.71 MB
Die, Die My Darling Metallica 02:29 5.12 MB
Crash Course In Brain Surgery Metallica 03:10 6.97 MB
Mercyful Fate Metallica 11:11 22.29 MB
Tuesday's Gone Metallica 09:05 18.61 MB
Am I Evil? Metallica 07:50 16.36 MB
Too Late Too Late Metallica 03:12 6.63 MB
Last Caress / Green Hell Metallica 03:29 7.75 MB
Helpless Metallica 06:38 14.45 MB
Digital Booklet - Garage, Inc. Metallica 00:00 3.76 MB
The album Metallica - Garage, Inc. contains 27 tracks that accumulates 02:16:23 minutes or 287.91 MB
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A short description:
Following the divisive debacle of Load, Metallica used Garage Inc. as an affirmation that they remained one with their fans: diehard followers of loud music in all its forms. While Garage Inc reveals several standard issue influences (Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Thin Lizzy), the album is a crucial reminder that Metallica were also born of punk rock (Misfits, Discharge) and New Wave of British Heavy Metal (Diamond Head, Mercyful Fate). James Hetfield has a blast playing with the menacing croons of Nick Cave and Danzig on covers of The Misfits (“Die, Die My Darling) and The Bad Seeds (“Loverman”), while the volcanic grooves of “Sabbra Cadabra” proved that Metallica was one of the few bands who could shoulder Black Sabbath’s weight. When the four-piece plays their favorite songs, the results are blistering, and Metallica plays “It’s Electric,” “Mercyful Fate,” and “Whiskey In the Jar” like they wrote the songs in their own blood. Don’t miss the bonus tracks, which compile all of the band’s covers albums: The $5.98 E.P. (1987), Garage Days Revsisted (1984), and the truly awesome all-Motorhead tribute Motorheadache (1995). Herein is a hymnal for the heavy metal faithful.