Download Album Ziggy Marley - Love Is My Religion

Song Artist Duration Size
A Lifetime Ziggy Marley 04:41 9.27 MB
Beach In Hawaii Ziggy Marley 03:40 7.39 MB
Jammin' (Bonus Live Track) Ziggy Marley 06:04 12.03 MB
Make Some Music Ziggy Marley 04:14 8.48 MB
Keep On Dreaming Ziggy Marley 04:19 8.59 MB
Into the Groove Ziggy Marley 04:16 8.59 MB
Still the Storms Ziggy Marley 05:35 10.81 MB
Look Who's Dancing (Bonus Live Track) Ziggy Marley 05:22 10.64 MB
Be Free (Dub Version) Ziggy Marley 03:58 8.04 MB
Dragonfly (Bonus Live Track) Ziggy Marley 05:04 10.15 MB
Love Is My Religion (Acoustic version) Ziggy Marley 03:52 7.79 MB
Friend Ziggy Marley 02:51 5.84 MB
Love Is My Religion Ziggy Marley 03:48 7.69 MB
Black Cat Ziggy Marley 02:39 5.48 MB
Be Free Ziggy Marley 03:19 6.75 MB
The album Ziggy Marley - Love Is My Religion contains 15 tracks that accumulates 01:03:42 minutes or 127.55 MB
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A short description:
"Love is my religion," Ziggy coos brightly on the easy, harmony-accented title track, and only love can cross borders like the sweet, tuneful music heard here. The son of Bob opens his second solo LP with "Into the Groove," a loose funk jam that bumps to the syncopated swing of Nigerian jùjú music. The throbbing "Be Free" exemplifies its message with soulful organ flourishes, and a live "Jammin'" brings it all home, blessing his father's classic with a blistering guitar solo.